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“Slay the dragon, win the reward, and when it’s over, you may realize you just exercised. Story Aerobics is the first workout where jeans are accepted. And athleticism is not required. Bring a date. Or a child. All ages welcome!”



“I laughed, I cried, I sweated. Moving storytelling, literally!”

Sue Scott


“Story Aerobics teleported me INTO the fairytale. I was the damsel, the prince, and the villain all at once-losing myself in the actions of the characters, seeking the moral of the story, and, of course, getting a great workout.”

Collin Motschke


“More entertaining than Richard Simmons and Denise Austin!!!”

Rebecca Patek


“I love any opportunity for fun and dance to be choreographed into strength building and calorie burning. Thank you story Aerobics!” 

Alivia Tison

Zumba Instructor

Stories We Perform

The Golden Goose

After your father becomes bedridden, you (the main character) are tasked with harvesting enough wood to last the winter. Your journey into the forest leads you to a place you never could have imagined. And through generosity and cleverness, you find much more than a bundle of firewood. 

The Golden Goose is a German fairy tale recorded in the 19th century by the Brothers Grimm. 

Fire Plume

After a strange night of fishing, you (the main character) are transported into the spirit world and find that your life will never be the same. Venturing between the spirit world and your home, you find that the familiar paths of youth have disappeared. But emerging in their place are experiences more rich than your wildest dreams. 

The Fire Plume is an Ojibwe story recorded in the mid 19th century by Bamewawagezhikaquay and Henri Schoolcraft. 

Puss and Boots 

After the unfortunate death of a loved one, you (the main character) are left with an awfully pitiful inheritance- a cat. Just as you are about to turn your back on El Gato, he reveals an ability equivalent to the grandest tricksters of our time.

Puss in Boots is an Italian fairy tale first recorded in the 16th century by Giovanni Francesco.